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“After trying many forms of therapies and drugs to help alleviate chronic and debilitating pain our pediatrician recommended Jackie and cranial sacral for our 7-year-old daughter Alana. Not only was Jackie able to make a difference in Alana's pain level, but she was able to show both Alana and I ways to manipulate her body when we were at home to help her pain and anxiety level. As a parent of a child with both special needs and chronic pain, it can be hard to find a practitioner who has the patience to not only take the time to listen to you with sincerity, but to answer your questions fully and completely and without making you feel like you are taking up their time. Jackie never once made me feel like answering my questions or letting me know how Alana's session went was a problem, she was always there to take the time and explain things to me. A rather unique aspect that Jackie did as well was to included our family in Alana's therapy knowing that this approach not only benefits the child she is working with, but it helps ease the mind of the parents or caregiver as well as any siblings who might be living with a special needs child as well. The approach of treating the body, mind, and family/caregiver of the child has the capabilities to produce significant results and long-term ease of pain, improvement in mobility as well as function.”     ~Jessica

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Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Jackie and Ruthanne have been nothing short of AMAZING. We can’t say enough good things about Apple Tree. They’re understanding, caring, knowledgable, accepting and they listen! We highly recommend them. Our son has made great progress with them. We are proud to have been with them for a few years. They are well worth the wait.     ~Amber
Jackie is amazing!! She just knows!! Her knowledge of how to have each child reach their fullest potential is a gift.  She has an understanding that doesn't need words. She looks beyond any label or preconceived idea, and learns what makes each individual kid tick by their movements, expressions, actions,  breathing, and non-verbal language. She then uses her expertise and the kids strengths to help the child succeed to be the best they can be.    ~ Laura
Apple Tree has been a huge blessing to our family. They have worked diligently with both our children to help manage all of their OT needs. With their help both of my boys have grown so much and are able to participate in both regular and extracurricular activities with much more ease. Thank you to all the amazing staff for being so dedicated to our children and their developmental success!      ~Melissa
My son, Parker, has improved so much in his ability to try new activities and new foods. He is able to touch messy things that before would have sent him over the edge. My son and daughter, Parker and Maggie, have improved immensely in being able to leave therapy and many other places without throwing fits because of the transitions. We have seen various therapists over our almost 3 ½ years here and they have all been fun and playful. Our kids love coming here!     ~Abbie
I had so much fun working with you that I cried when you had to go and you helped  me with so many things. You helped me with my attitude towards others and I admit that I had a problem with that.  Working in the pool with you helped a lot also because it was easier do as you said.     ~Jordan My son, Jordan, wanted to say how much “Miss Jackie” helped him.  He thought hard about how to put everything but started tearing up at this point.  All I can really add to this is I will be forever grateful for all the help, love and caring she gave to Jordan and the rest of the family as she was helping him work though the challenges he has to face.  She is an amazingly caring person anyone who is blessed enough to have the chance to work with her will get a great deal out of the experience.     ~Michele W.
Jackie is the perfect combination of fun and firmness! Both in the office and in the pool, my son with autism benefited from her innovative techniques, especially with his sensory integration issues. Most helpful, Jackie was always willing to explain why different therapies worked and how I could use them at home. She helped him gain independence in the water, he is now an avid swimmer and though we moved away several years ago, we still use the exercises Jackie taught us! During the years she worked with my son, I also observed her working with many other children with a variety of disabilities and I whole heartedly recommend her services!     ~Cindie M - mom of Charlie, age 13
How do I explain what Jackie did as Jason’s OT. Well usually I first describe her as a life saver. She wasn’t Jason’s life saver though, she was mine. When Jason first started to see her, there were a lot of things I didn’t know. Things I couldn’t identify, and I had no idea of how to communicate and cope with him. I had no way of knowing how much Jackie would change our lives. For every rough day she gave me a warm smile and the reminder that it was just one day compared to many more of the good days. For every question she had an answer or a way to help me find the answer. Even though I know Jackie had other families, I always felt like my son and our family mattered to her. While working with Jason on his core strength and identifying his immediate needs and those that would come after, she also informed me on ways that I could help him at home. Through the physical work she did with him, he not only gained strength Jason gained confidence. The comfortable, safe and positive environment Jackie created allowed him to be himself. He never willingly missed an appointment with her and to me that speaks volumes in itself. It is all so unexplainable. Jason was always happy to see her, and he was always happy when he left. As far as the progress he made, well his gait became more regular, his balance improved, and he was able to play soccer better. Jackie started seeing him when he was 5 years old and I think he was 8 when she moved. I didn’t know anything was out of the ordinary, I just thought he was a late bloomer until Kindergarten. Though his needs couldn’t be met at school OT because they weren’t considered severe enough she noticed things that could be attended to at private therapy. If he didn’t have OT with her I don’t think he would be as capable as he is now. I had no idea about sensory issues until Jackie.  I no longer felt like a bad parent because my son refused to wear certain clothing. He no longer felt like he was doing things wrong because she put him with the best group of kids for group therapy. He is the confident kid he is now because Jackie helped him discover that he doesn’t have to be like everyone else in order to be great.  This is why I it’s so difficult to write a recommendation. How can I possibly convey to anyone what I think of Jackie as an OT when I think of her as a hero! So if for any reason I may have never said so before, Thank you! Thank you for playing a major role in shaping my beautiful, wonderful child!     ~Shelley
When I was 9 years old, because of Tourette’s syndrome I was dealing with a lot of issues but dealing with noises was one of the worse.  I could not stand running water, flushing the toilet, clapping or even the sound of people laughing.  My senses were all confused.  My sense of smell was off the chart while my sense of balance was confused (I never got dizzy no matter how much I would spin).  I also was not comfortable with hugging while I loved the feel of certain fabrics.  Plus, my emotions were also confused.  I had anger that I did not understand how to handle, depression that seemed to overtake me sometimes; I was just a mess. A counselor at my elementary school actually told my parents that I might benefit from “sensory integration therapy”.  My mom had heard of this therapy before, but thought it was mainly for autistic children.  We looked into several clinics and then we found Jackie!! I LOVED Jackie!!! She became a good friend and without me even realizing it, she changed my life.  She taught me handle sounds that make me uncomfortable and we did therapy that actually helped desensitize my hearing.  We did therapy that helped with the balance issue and how my balance/dizziness is normal.  We worked hard on my emotions and thanks to her; I can handle “losing with grace” and am much better at putting things into perspective.  I still have certain fabrics I love to touch, but I also love hugging now; it is no longer uncomfortable for me. I would HIGHLY recommend Jackie to anyone that even thinks they have an issue.  I am now 22 and in nursing school and still remember the “fun” I had working with her.  She was so patient, kind and I always hated for my session to end. ~Megan
Jackie  Brown is an amazing person and therapist. Mrs. Brown provided exceptional therapy for my son for a couple of years in Anchorage, Alaska. In those couple of years my son, with the help of Ms. Jackie, made incredible strides. She is warm, loving, patient, firm when she needs to be, and always challenges her patients. My son and I were extremely saddened to see Ms. Jackie leave us, but we are so happy for her, for putting her dreams in motion. I'm sure that you as a parent and or patient will agree with me about her work ethic. Best of luck Jackie! xoxo ~Zulinet